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Ardell Individuals Knot-Free


Ardell Individuals Knot-Free

EGP 70.00

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Product description

  • Ardell Individuals Knot-Free


  • 10 strands per individual cluster.
  • These natural individual lashes have a knot-free invisiband to help create your own subtle look.
  • The individual lashes can be used for more of a full glam look, less for accent or if your wanting to fill in gaps.
  • Knot-free lashes to create a more smooth look and reduce bulk at the lash line.
  • These lashes can be applied by beginners or professionals.
  • Create the look you wish within minutes.
  • Easy application when applying the lashes.
  • Either apply with strip lashes adhesive for one day wear or individual adhesive for up to 2 weeks.


How to use

Suggested Usage:

Clean the eyes thoroughly to remove all dirt, oil or makeup from the eyelids before applying lashes. Pour a pea-sized amount of Individual Lash Adhesive onto a pallet. Dip the cluster or individual lash into the adhesive using tweezers. Starting at the outer corner of the eye, place the false lashes on top of your natural lashes without touching the eyelid and work towards the inner corner. Apply as many as you desire. Removal Of Product: Use the Ardell Lash Free Remover for a safe, pain and hassle-free removal. Caution: Avoid rubbing your eyes with a harsh towel. Never pull or tug at lashes as this may cause loss of your natural lashes.

Ardell Individuals Knot-Free

EGP 70.00

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