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Lifter Lip Gloss


Super Stay Matte Ink Lip Color


Matte Lipstick


Unlimited Double Touch Liquid Lipstick

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Matte Lipstick (Set of 4)


Matte Power Bullet Lipstick

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Longstay Liquid Matte Lipstick


Lasting Finish Matte Lipstick


Vision Lipstick

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Liquid Rouge Matte Lipstick


Matte Lipstick Crayon


Matte Revolution Lipstick

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Super Stay Ink Crayon


Everlasting Love Liquid Lipstick


Velvet Matt Lipstick


Powder Kiss Lipstick

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Soft Matte Lip Cream


Matte Lipstick Mini

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Lip Volume Balm

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Welcome to Ramfa Beauty's captivating collection of lipstick essentials! Dive into a world where lipstick isn't just a cosmetic, but a statement of confidence, allure, and style. Whether you're a makeup maven or just starting your beauty journey, our range of lipstick, lipstick balm, lipstick gloss, lipstick liner, liquid lipstick, and more will have you swooning.

Indulge in the velvety luxury of matte lipstick or opt for the subtle sheen of lipstick gloss; whatever your preference, we've got your pout covered. Our selection isn't just about color; it's about expression. From classic red lipstick to demure nude lipstick and playful pink lipstick, discover hues that speak to your mood and personality.

Looking for the perfect lipstick shades to complement your complexion? Dive into our carefully curated selection, where every tone is designed to enhance your natural beauty. Whether you're after a daring statement or an everyday essential, our spectrum of lipstick colors has something for everyone.

For those who demand precision, our lipstick liner range delivers crisp, defined lips with every stroke. Create the perfect canvas for your favorite shade or experiment with bold contrasts; the choice is yours. And when it comes to longevity, our matte ink lipstick promises hours of flawless wear without feathering or fading.

But we don't just stop at color; we're committed to quality and comfort too. Our lipstick balm formulations are enriched with nourishing ingredients to keep your lips soft, supple, and oh-so-kissable. Experience the fusion of beauty and skincare in every swipe, whether you're battling dryness or simply want a touch of hydration.

Looking to elevate your makeup game? Our range of tint lipstick offers a subtle hint of color for those low-key days when less is more. Effortlessly enhance your natural beauty with sheer, buildable coverage that's as versatile as it is chic.

At Ramfa Beauty, we believe that every lip deserves to be adorned with the finest. That's why our lipstick collection is meticulously crafted to exceed your expectations, with formulas that glide on like silk and colors that captivate the imagination. Whether you're in the mood for drama or craving a subtle shift, our range of lipstick essentials has everything you need to unleash your inner goddess.

So why wait? Explore our stunning selection today and discover the power of the perfect pout. With Ramfa Beauty, beauty isn't just a look; it's a feeling, an attitude, and a way of life. Indulge in the artistry of lipstick and embrace the endless possibilities that await. Your journey to lip perfection starts here.

What is lipstick? What is it used for?

Lipstick is a cosmetic product primarily used to color, protect, and enhance the appearance of the lips. It typically comes in stick form and is applied directly to the lips using a brush or directly from the tube. Apart from adding color, lipstick can also moisturize, nourish, and provide sun protection to the lips.

Which brand is best for lipstick?

The best lipstick brand can vary depending on individual preferences such as texture, longevity, color range, and price point. Some popular lipstick brands known for their quality and variety include MAC, YSL, Maybelline, NARS, Charlotte Tilbury, NYX, Loreal, Huda Beauty, Rimmel, Fenty, Sephora, Kiko, Bourjois, Catrice, and Golden Rose.

What is lipstick made from?

Lipstick typically consists of waxes, oils, pigments, and emollients. Common ingredients include beeswax or carnauba wax, various oils like castor oil or mineral oil, pigments for color, and moisturizing agents such as lanolin or shea butter. Some lipsticks may also contain additional ingredients like antioxidants or sunscreens for added benefits.

How to use lipstick?

To use lipstick, start by exfoliating your lips to remove any dry or flaky skin. Then, apply a lip balm to moisturize and prime the lips. Next, outline your lips with a lip liner if desired to define the shape and prevent feathering. Finally, apply the lipstick directly from the tube or with a lip brush, starting from the center of the lips and working your way outward.

How to choose lipstick color?

When choosing a lipstick color, consider factors such as your skin tone, undertone, occasion, and personal preference. Generally, warmer skin tones may suit shades with orange or brown undertones, while cooler skin tones may complement shades with blue or purple undertones. It can also be helpful to test lipstick shades on your inner wrist or directly on your lips to see how they look against your complexion.

How do you use natural lipstick?

Natural lipstick is applied similarly to traditional lipstick. It's important to note that "natural" can refer to different aspects of the product, such as being made with organic ingredients, being cruelty-free, or being free from certain chemicals. When using natural lipstick, follow the same steps as regular lipstick application, ensuring that your lips are properly moisturized and primed for the best results.

Can I wear lipstick every day?

Yes, you can wear lipstick every day if you choose to. However, it's essential to give your lips a break occasionally, especially if you're prone to dryness or sensitivity. Make sure to remove lipstick at the end of the day and apply a nourishing lip balm to keep your lips hydrated.

What is liquid lipstick?

Liquid lipstick is a type of lipstick that comes in a liquid form, typically packaged in a tube with an applicator wand. It applies as a liquid but dries down to a matte or satin finish, providing long-lasting color and often intense pigmentation.

How can I apply liquid lipstick?

To apply liquid lipstick, start by exfoliating and moisturizing your lips. Then, use the applicator wand to carefully outline your lips, starting from the cupid's bow and working your way outward. Fill in the rest of your lips with the liquid lipstick, being precise to avoid smudging. Allow it to dry completely for a matte finish.

What is matte lipstick?

Matte lipstick is a type of lipstick that dries down to a flat, non-shiny finish. It typically has a high concentration of pigments and may feel drier on the lips compared to other finishes. Matte lipsticks are known for their long-lasting wear and intense color payoff.

Which lipstick is better, liquid or matte?

The choice between liquid and matte lipstick ultimately depends on personal preference and desired finish. Liquid lipsticks are known for their long-lasting wear and intense pigmentation, while matte lipsticks offer a classic, non-shiny finish. Some people prefer the ease of application with traditional bullet lipsticks, while others enjoy the precision of liquid formulas.

What is the difference between matte and glossy lipstick?

The main difference between matte and glossy lipstick lies in the finish. Matte lipsticks have a flat, non-shiny finish, while glossy lipsticks have a high-shine, reflective finish. Matte lipsticks tend to be more long-lasting and offer intense color payoff, while glossy lipsticks provide hydration and a plumping effect.

Why do people like matte lipstick?

People like matte lipstick for several reasons. Matte lipsticks offer long-lasting wear, intense pigmentation, and a classic, sophisticated look. They can also help create the illusion of fuller lips and are less likely to transfer onto cups or clothing compared to glossy formulas. Additionally, matte lipsticks are versatile and can be worn for various occasions, from everyday wear to special events.

Lipsticks available at Ramfa Beauty:

  1. MAC Lipstick: MAC offers a wide range of lipstick shades and finishes, known for their high-quality formulas and trendy colors.

  2. YSL Lipstick: YSL lipsticks are luxurious and known for their rich pigmentation, creamy textures, and elegant packaging.

  3. Maybelline Lipstick: Maybelline lipsticks are affordable and come in a variety of shades, offering options for every makeup look.

  4. NARS Lipstick: NARS lipsticks are highly pigmented and long-lasting, known for their smooth application and bold color payoff.

  5. Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick: Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks are beloved for their flattering shades, creamy textures, and elegant packaging.

  6. NYX Lipstick: NYX lipsticks offer excellent quality at an affordable price, with a wide range of colors and finishes to choose from.

  7. Loreal Lipstick: Loreal lipsticks are known for their innovative formulas, rich colors, and comfortable wear.

  8. Huda Beauty Lipstick: Huda Beauty lipsticks are known for their intense pigmentation, long-lasting wear, and wide shade range.

  9. Rimmel Lipstick: Rimmel lipsticks offer great value for money with vibrant colors and comfortable wear.

  10. Fenty Lipstick: Fenty lipsticks are known for their inclusive shade range, innovative formulas, and trendy finishes.

  11. Sephora Lipstick: Sephora lipsticks come in a variety of formulas and shades, catering to different preferences and skin tones.

  12. Kiko Lipstick: Kiko lipsticks offer high-quality formulas at an affordable price, with a wide selection of colors and finishes.

  13. Bourjois Lipstick: Bourjois lipsticks are known for their creamy textures, vibrant colors, and chic packaging.

  14. Catrice Lipstick: Catrice lipsticks offer affordable options with good quality, featuring trendy shades and comfortable wear.

  15. Golden Rose Lipstick: Golden Rose lipsticks are known for their rich pigmentation, long-lasting formulas, and budget-friendly prices.


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