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Eye Primer

Eye Primer


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Eye Primer

Welcome to Ramfa Beauty, your ultimate destination for all things eye primer! Elevate your eye makeup game to new heights with our exquisite collection of eye primers, meticulously crafted to provide the perfect canvas for your eye looks.

Unlock the secret to flawless eye makeup application with our range of primer for eye products. Whether you're aiming for a subtle everyday look or a glamorous evening ensemble, our eye primers ensure that your eyeshadow stays vibrant and crease-free throughout the day.

Say goodbye to smudged and faded eyeshadow with our specially formulated eyeshadow primer. Designed to intensify the pigmentation of your eyeshadows, our eyeshadow base creates a smooth and long-lasting finish that's bound to turn heads. Experience the difference with our best eyeshadow primer - a must-have in every makeup lover's arsenal.

For those seeking the ultimate eye primer for all-day wear, look no further than our selection of best eye primer products. Infused with nourishing ingredients, our under eye primer not only extends the longevity of your makeup but also cares for the delicate skin around your eyes. Achieve a flawless, airbrushed look with ease, thanks to our best under eye primer.

But why stop there? Take your lash game to the next level with our best mascara primer. Prepping your lashes with our primer ensures that your mascara applies smoothly and evenly, resulting in voluminous, luscious lashes that command attention.

At Ramfa Beauty, we understand that each individual has unique preferences and needs when it comes to makeup. That's why we offer a diverse range of eye primer options to cater to every style and requirement. Whether you prefer a lightweight formula or a mattifying finish, we have the perfect eye primer for you.

Experience the transformative power of our eye primers and elevate your beauty routine to new heights. Shop our collection today and discover why Ramfa Beauty is the ultimate destination for all your eye primer needs.


What does primer do for your eyes?

Eye primer serves as a base for your eye makeup, creating a smooth canvas for eyeshadows and helping them adhere better to your skin. It also helps to intensify the pigmentation of eyeshadows, prevent creasing, and extend the wear-time of your eye makeup.

What is an eyeshadow primer?

An eyeshadow primer is a cosmetic product applied to the eyelids before applying eyeshadow. It typically comes in a cream or lotion form and contains ingredients that help to even out the skin tone on the eyelids, provide a smooth surface for eyeshadow application, and enhance the vibrancy and longevity of the eyeshadow colors.

When should I apply eye primer?

Eye primer should be applied after you've completed your skincare routine and before you start applying any eye makeup. It's best to apply it directly onto clean, dry eyelids to ensure maximum effectiveness. Allow the primer to set for a minute or two before applying eyeshadow on top.

What is a mascara primer?

A mascara primer is similar to an eyeshadow primer but is specifically designed for use with mascara. It is applied to the lashes before mascara to enhance its performance. Mascara primers often contain conditioning ingredients to nourish and strengthen the lashes, as well as fibers or waxes to add volume and length to the lashes.

Can I apply eyeshadow without primer?

Yes, you can apply eyeshadow without primer, but using a primer can significantly enhance the performance and longevity of your eyeshadow. Without a primer, eyeshadows may not appear as vibrant, may crease more easily, and may not last as long throughout the day, especially if you have oily eyelids.


Eye Primers Available at Ramfa Beauty:

  1. J.Cat Eye Primer: J.Cat Eye Primer is a versatile primer that helps to intensify the color payoff of eyeshadows while ensuring long-lasting wear. Its lightweight formula smooths over the eyelids, creating a flawless base for eyeshadow application. Perfect for achieving vibrant and crease-free eye looks.

  2. NYX Eye Primer: NYX Eye Primer is a favorite among makeup enthusiasts for its ability to prolong the wear of eyeshadows and prevent creasing. This primer comes in a range of shades to suit different skin tones and can also be used to intensify the pigmentation of eyeshadows. Its silky texture blends seamlessly onto the lids for a seamless application.

  3. Catrice Under Eye Primer: Catrice Under Eye Primer is specifically formulated to prime the delicate skin under the eyes. Infused with hydrating ingredients like hyaluronic acid, it helps to smooth fine lines and reduce the appearance of dark circles, creating a flawless base for concealer application. This primer also extends the wear-time of under-eye makeup, keeping it looking fresh throughout the day.


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