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Anastasia Beverly Hills

Anastasia Beverly Hills


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Anastasia Beverly Hills Makeup

Welcome to Ramfa Beauty, where glamour meets sophistication, and we're thrilled to showcase the stunning range of Anastasia Beverly Hills makeup palettes. Dive into a world of captivating beauty with the Anastasia Eyeshadow Palettes, designed to elevate your eye makeup game to new heights.

Indulge in the artistic brilliance of the Anastasia Beverly Hills Anastasia Eyeshadow Palettes. Each palette is a masterpiece, offering a harmonious blend of shades that inspire creativity and self-expression. Immerse yourself in a spectrum of colors that range from sultry neutrals to vibrant hues, ensuring that there's a palette for every mood and occasion.

Explore the rich pigmentation and seamless blendability that make the Anastasia Eyeshadow Palette a must-have in your makeup collection. Whether you're a fan of bold, dramatic looks or prefer subtle, everyday elegance, these palettes provide the versatility to create endless eye-catching effects.

And that's not all – perfect your brows with the renowned Anastasia Brow Gel. Sculpt, define, and set your brows with precision, achieving a polished look that frames your face flawlessly. This gel ensures a long-lasting hold, keeping your brows in place throughout the day.

Discover the allure of Anastasia Beverly Hills makeup palettes at Ramfa Beauty. Elevate your makeup routine, express your individuality, and embrace the beauty that comes with each stroke of these luxurious palettes. Unleash your creativity and let Anastasia Beverly Hills be the canvas for your personal masterpiece.

You don’t get to be one of the fastest-growing, global beauty brands by accident. Enter the industry’s biggest disruptor the creative force behind Anastasia Beverly Hills. Anastasia’s groundbreaking Golden Ratio method creates the illusion of facial symmetry, balance and proportion, the secret to what makes us see a face as beautiful. You’ve seen her brows on the world’s most famous faces like the Kardashians, JLo, Kylie Jenner, Justin and Hailey Bieber, Victoria Beckham and Michelle Obama.

Does Ramfa Beauty carry Anastasia Beverly Hills ?

If you’ve experienced makeup by Anastasia Beverly Hills, you know it’s more than prestige makeup. It’s more than a trend or a look. And it’s more than getting your best eyebrows, lips or lashes yet. Every product Anastasia Beverly Hills creates is made with extreme purpose, detail and design so you get gorgeous, pro-level results without being a pro. Every formula, every shade, every tool is powerful enough to be used by a master artist, yet effortless enough to be used by a beginner. With 25 years of innovation and experience, it’s no surprise that Anastasia has consistently disrupted the industry and re-defined prestige makeup.

What are
Anastasia Beverly Hills' best selling products?

Dipbrow Pomade

waterproof eyebrow pomade available in 11 shades to help fill in and detail eyebrows. The long-lasting, buildable formula glides on smoothly to skin and hair and allows time for blending before drying down completely to a matte finish.

Lip Palette Vol.1

An 18-well professional lip palette with shades ranging from primaries and neutrals to bold brights. Use Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Palette to create an endless array of lip looks by mixing and customizing highly pigmented, long-wearing matte shades.

Riviera Eyeshadow Palette

An essential springtime color collection featuring classic neutrals and seasonal tones that are perfect for creating your ultimate vacation looks.

Why is Anastasia Beverly Hills famous?

Anastasia Beverly Hills gained fame primarily for its exceptional quality and innovation in eyebrow products. The brand revolutionized the beauty industry with its range of eyebrow grooming and shaping products, particularly the Dipbrow Pomade, which quickly became a cult favorite among makeup enthusiasts and professionals alike. Additionally, Anastasia Beverly Hills expanded its product line to include high-quality eyeshadow palettes, lip products, and other cosmetics, further solidifying its reputation as a trendsetter in the beauty world.

Who is the owner of Anastasia?

Anastasia Beverly Hills was founded by Anastasia Soare, a Romanian-born beauty entrepreneur. Soare is renowned for her expertise in eyebrow shaping and is often referred to as the "Eyebrow Queen." She developed the brand based on her own experiences and techniques, aiming to provide innovative products that empower individuals to enhance their natural beauty.

Which country brand is Anastasia?

Anastasia Beverly Hills is an American cosmetics brand based in Beverly Hills, California. Although its founder, Anastasia Soare, hails from Romania, the brand itself is headquartered in the United States.

What are the most popular Anastasia makeup products?

Some of the most popular Anastasia Beverly Hills makeup products include:

  1. Dipbrow Pomade: A waterproof and long-lasting eyebrow pomade available in a variety of shades.
  2. Modern Renaissance Eyeshadow Palette: A highly pigmented eyeshadow palette featuring warm-toned shades.
  3. Brow Wiz: A retractable eyebrow pencil with a fine tip for precise application.
  4. Soft Glam Eyeshadow Palette: A versatile palette featuring neutral shades suitable for everyday wear.
  5. Liquid Lipstick: Anastasia Beverly Hills offers a range of long-wearing liquid lipsticks in various shades and finishes.

Is Anastasia makeup good?

Yes, Anastasia Beverly Hills is widely regarded as a high-quality makeup brand. Its products are known for their pigmentation, long-lasting formulas, and ease of application. Many makeup artists and beauty enthusiasts praise Anastasia Beverly Hills for its innovative approach to cosmetics, particularly in the realm of eyebrow products.

Is Anastasia eyeshadow good?

Yes, Anastasia Beverly Hills eyeshadows are highly regarded for their exceptional quality. They are known for their rich pigmentation, blendability, and long-lasting wear. Whether you prefer matte, shimmer, or satin finishes, Anastasia eyeshadows offer a wide range of colors and textures to suit various makeup looks and preferences.

What Anastasia palette is best for brown eyes?

For brown eyes, the Anastasia Beverly Hills Soft Glam Eyeshadow Palette is often recommended. This palette features a beautiful selection of neutral shades, including warm browns, soft pinks, and golden tones, which complement brown eyes beautifully. The versatile range of colors allows for the creation of both natural and more dramatic eye looks, making it a staple in many makeup collections.

How do you use Anastasia pomade?

To use the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade, start by ensuring your eyebrows are clean and free of any makeup or oils. Then, using an angled brow brush, lightly dip it into the pomade and carefully outline the bottom of your eyebrow, starting from the inner corner and working towards the tail. Next, fill in any sparse areas with light, feathery strokes, following the natural direction of your hair growth. Finally, blend and shape your brows as desired, using a spoolie brush to soften any harsh lines for a natural finish.

Is the Anastasia pomade waterproof?

Yes, the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade is waterproof, making it an excellent choice for long-lasting wear, particularly in humid or rainy conditions. Once applied and set, the pomade remains smudge-proof and resistant to water, sweat, and oil, ensuring your eyebrows stay looking flawless throughout the day.

How long does the Anastasia Dipbrow last?

The longevity of the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade can vary depending on factors such as skin type, activity level, and environmental conditions. However, when applied correctly and set with a brow gel or setting spray, the Dipbrow Pomade can last for up to 12 hours or more without smudging or fading.

Does Anastasia brand test on animals?

No, Anastasia Beverly Hills does not test its products on animals. The brand is cruelty-free and committed to producing cosmetics that are not only high-quality but also ethically sourced and manufactured. Anastasia Beverly Hills is certified by organizations such as PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), reflecting its dedication to animal welfare and cruelty-free beauty practices.


  1. Anastasia ABH Blush Trios Cocktail Party: A trio of vibrant blush shades curated to complement various skin tones, perfect for creating a lively and flushed look for any occasion.

  2. Anastasia ABH Brow Definer: A versatile brow pencil featuring a triangular tip for precise application, ideal for filling, defining, and shaping brows with ease.

  3. Anastasia ABH Highlighter Iced Out: A luminous highlighter with a frosty, icy sheen, designed to give your skin a radiant and ethereal glow that lasts all day.

  4. Anastasia Alyssa Edwards Eyeshadow Palette: An electrifying eyeshadow palette inspired by drag superstar Alyssa Edwards, featuring a bold and colorful range of shades for creating dramatic and glamorous eye looks.

  5. Anastasia Amrezy Eye Shadow Palette: A stunning eyeshadow palette created in collaboration with beauty influencer Amrezy, offering a mix of shimmering metallics and velvety mattes for creating versatile and high-impact eye looks.

  6. Anastasia Beverly Hills MoonChild Glow Kit: A celestial-inspired glow kit featuring six holographic highlighter shades that deliver an otherworldly luminosity to your complexion.

  7. Anastasia Aurora Highlighter Glow Kit: A celestial-themed glow kit comprising six dazzling highlighter shades that provide a prismatic glow, reminiscent of the aurora borealis.

  8. Anastasia Carli Bybel Palette: A chic eyeshadow and highlighter palette created in collaboration with beauty influencer Carli Bybel, featuring versatile shades suitable for creating both everyday and glamorous makeup looks.

  9. Anastasia Contour Cream Kit: A professional-quality contouring kit containing six creamy shades designed to sculpt, define, and enhance your facial features for a flawless contoured look.

  10. Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade: A cult-favorite waterproof brow pomade that glides on smoothly to fill in, define, and sculpt brows with long-lasting, smudge-proof color.

  11. Anastasia Eye Shadow Palette Norvina: A dreamy eyeshadow palette curated by Norvina, daughter of Anastasia Beverly Hills founder, featuring a stunning array of romantic shades in matte and shimmer finishes.

  12. Anastasia Jackie Aina Palette: An exquisite eyeshadow palette created in collaboration with beauty influencer Jackie Aina, offering a vibrant mix of richly pigmented shades suitable for all skin tones.

  13. Anastasia Lip Palette Vol.1: A customizable lip palette featuring a variety of pigmented shades and finishes, allowing you to mix and match to create your own unique lip colors.

  14. Anastasia Modern Renaissance EyeShadow Palette: A beloved eyeshadow palette featuring a collection of warm-toned shades inspired by the artistry of the Renaissance period, perfect for creating timeless and romantic eye looks.

  15. Anastasia Norvina Mini Pro Pigment VOL 1: A compact and portable pigment palette curated by Norvina, offering a vibrant selection of high-pigment shades for creating bold and artistic eye looks on-the-go.

  16. Anastasia Norvina Pigment Vol 1: A pro-level pigment palette curated by Norvina, featuring a diverse range of bold and vibrant shades for unleashing your creativity and experimenting with vivid eye makeup looks.

  17. Anastasia Norvina Pigment Vol 2: A sequel to the original Norvina pigment palette, featuring a new assortment of vivid and expressive shades for endless creativity and artistry in eye makeup.

  18. Anastasia Riviera Eyeshadow Palette: A luxurious eyeshadow palette inspired by the French Riviera, featuring a mix of vibrant and exotic shades in matte and metallic finishes for creating glamorous and sun-kissed looks.

  19. Anastasia Soft Glam Eye Shadow Palette: A versatile eyeshadow palette comprising a mix of soft and romantic shades in matte and shimmer finishes, perfect for creating subtle and elegant eye looks suitable for any occasion.

  20. Anastasia Subculture Palette: A daring and edgy eyeshadow palette featuring a unique mix of grungy and vibrant shades in matte and metallic finishes, allowing for the creation of bold and unconventional eye looks.


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