The "Good Girls": 15 Questions to Find Your Perfect Carolina Herrera
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The "Good Girls": 15 Questions to Find Your Perfect Carolina Herrera

  1. Are you drawn to sweet, fruity scents or deeper, richer notes?

    Sweet & Fruity: Very Good Girl and Fantastic Pink offer bursts of litchi, red currant, and citrus, while Good Girl Dot Drama plays with blackcurrant and mandarin.

    Good Girl and Good Girl Supreme lean toward richer coffee and almond accords.

  2. Do you prefer a powerful scent that makes a statement or something more playful and whimsical?

    Powerful Statement: Good Girl Supreme and Good Girl project confidence with bold jasmine and coffee.

    Playful & Whimsical: Dot Drama's fruity twist and black rose intrigue, while Very Good Girl's youthful energy shines through.

  3. How important is longevity to you? Do you want a fragrance that lingers all day or something lighter and fleeting?

    All-Day Impact: Good Girl and Good Girl Supreme boast strong longevity, while Dot Drama and Very Good Girl are moderate. Fantastic Pink lingers with its gourmand base but may not last as long.

  4. Is coffee a note you enjoy? How about almond or rose?

    Coffee Lover: All "Good Girls" feature coffee, but Supreme amplifies it with jasmine.

    Almond plays a starring role in Good Girl and Supreme, while Very Good Girl adds a touch.

    Rose takes center stage in Dot Drama and Fantastic Pink.

  5. Do you crave classic elegance or a modern twist on tradition?

    Classic Elegance: Good Girl and Supreme exude timeless sophistication with jasmine and tuberose.

    Modern Twist: Dot Drama's bolder black rose and Very Good Girl's fruity notes offer a contemporary edge.

  6. What kind of personality resonates most with you: confident and commanding, seductive and intriguing, rebellious and playful, joyful and vibrant, or a blend of these?

    Your Perfume Persona: Choose Good Girl Supreme for commanding power, Good Girl for seductive mystique, Dot Drama for rebellious charm, Fantastic Pink for joyful vibrancy, or mix and match!

  7. How would you describe your signature style: bold and glamorous, sophisticated and feminine, casual and carefree, or something else entirely?

    Signature Style Match:

    Glamorous queens: Good Girl Supreme.
    Sophisticated ladies: Good Girl.
    Casual trendsetters: Dot Drama.
    Carefree spirits: Fantastic Pink.

    Blend it up for your unique flair!

  8. Do you enjoy wearing fragrance for daytime or special occasions?

    Daytime or Special Occasions: Dot Drama and Very Good Girl suit daytime adventures, while Supreme and Good Girl work for both day and night. Fantastic Pink shimmers for special occasions.

  9. Have you tried any Carolina Herrera fragrances before? If so, which ones and what did you like or dislike?

    Past Herrera Experiences: If you loved previous florals, try Good Girl's jasmine or Fantastic Pink's rose. Enjoyed gourmand notes? Supreme's vanilla or Fantastic Pink's praline might please.

  10. Considering the notes, are there any ingredients you specifically want to avoid in a perfume?

    Ingredient Preferences:

    Do you dislike strong coffee? Consider Dot Drama or Very Good Girl.
    Avoid heavy florals? Fantastic Pink's citrus might be refreshing.

    Explore the notes to find your perfect fit.

  11. How important is the bottle design to you? Does it influence your choice of fragrance?

    Bottle Design Matters: Dot Drama's playful polka dots and Fantastic Pink's glitter appeal to some, while others may prefer Supreme's sleek black or Good Girl's classic stiletto. Choose your aesthetic!

  12. Would you prefer a strong sillage that announces your arrival or something more subtle?

    Announcing Your Arrival: Good Girl and Supreme make a bold statement, while Dot Drama and Very Good Girl are more subtle. Fantastic Pink strikes a playful balance.

  13. Would you consider layering fragrances to create your own unique scent?

    Layering Mastermind: All these fragrances can be layered! Combine Dot Drama's fruity notes with Very Good Girl's rose for a unique twist, or Good Girl's coffee with Fantastic Pink's gourmand base for a decadent treat.

  14. Are you looking for a fragrance that feels timeless or one that reflects the latest trends?

    Timeless or Trendy: Good Girl and Supreme offer classic appeal, while Dot Drama and Very Good Girl reflect current trends. Fantastic Pink combines both with its timeless rose and playful glitter.

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These are just suggestions to get you started. Ultimately, the best way to find your perfect "Good Girl" is to explore them all and see which one resonates with your unique personality and preferences. Happy hunting!

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