Kikolipgloss? Kiko Lipgloss? Kiko 103 lipstick? Kiko 103? What's all t
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Kikolipgloss? Kiko Lipgloss? Kiko 103 lipstick? Kiko 103? What's all the Buzz in Egypt?

The halls of Egyptian beauty circles and social media feeds have been buzzing lately, filled with whispers of "Kiko 103," "kiko double touch," and "Kikolipgloss." But what exactly is causing all this excitement? Fear not, beauty detectives, for I'm here to unravel the mystery of Kiko's Unlimited Double Touch Liquid Lipstick and its sudden reign over the Egyptian beauty scene.

Kiko Milano: Beyond the Hype

Before we dive into the specific shades, let's acknowledge the brand itself. Kiko Milano isn't just another makeup fad. This Italian powerhouse boasts high-quality, affordable cosmetics that have garnered a loyal following worldwide. Their kiko lip glosses and kiko makeup are renowned for their vibrant colors, innovative formulas, and long-lasting wear – no wonder they've captured the hearts (and lips) of Egyptians.

Enter the Kiko Double Touch: A Match Made in Gloss Heaven

Now, let's get to the star of the show – the Kiko Unlimited Double Touch Liquid Lipstick. This two-step wonder combines a high-pigment, smudge-proof color base with a nourishing lip gloss, delivering a flawless, long-lasting finish. It's like having two makeup must-haves in one, making it no surprise that kiko double touch has become a staple in Egyptian makeup bags.

The Shades That Started It All: Kiko 103 and Kiko Double Touch 120 & 131

But the buzz doesn't stop at the concept. Specific shades have taken on legendary status, igniting the "Kiko 103" and "kiko double touch 120 & 131" frenzy. Kiko 103, a universally flattering nude with a hint of pink, is the perfect everyday shade, adored by Egyptian beauty influencers and everyday makeup enthusiasts alike. Imagine the iconic pout of Jennifer Lopez or the effortless beauty of Gigi Hadid, and you'll understand the appeal of Kiko 103.

Kiko Double Touch 120 and 131 are equally captivating, offering bold, statement-making options. Kiko Double Touch 120, a deep, velvety red reminiscent of Rihanna's signature lip, oozes confidence and drama. Kiko Double Touch 131, a vibrant, cool-toned berry, channels the fierce energy of Beyoncé. With these shades, getting your Egyptian Cleopatra on or rocking a modern disco vibe is just a swipe away.

Where to Find Your Kiko Fix in Egypt

The good news? You don't have to travel to Italy to get your hands on these coveted kiko lip glosses and kiko lipsticks. Ramfa Beauty, a leading beauty retailer in Egypt, carries the full range of Kiko Milano products, including the Kiko Unlimited Double Touch Liquid Lipstick in all its glorious shades. Whether you're a seasoned kiko makeup enthusiast or a curious newcomer, Ramfa Beauty has you covered, both online and in their stores across the country.

So, there you have it – the inside scoop on the Kiko 103, kiko double touch, and kiko lip gloss craze sweeping Egypt. With its high-quality formulas, stunning shades, and celebrity-worthy appeal, it's no wonder Kiko Milano has become the talk of the town. So, head over to Ramfa Beauty and join the Kiko revolution – your lips (and Instagram feed) will thank you for it!

Remember: Don't just follow the hype, experience it for yourself. Discover the magic of kiko lip glosses, kiko makeup, and the Kiko Unlimited Double Touch Liquid Lipstick. You might just find your new Egyptian beauty obsession.


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