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Anastasia Eyeshadow

Anastasia Eyeshadow


Loose Glitter


Anastasia Eyeshadow

Discover the allure of Anastasia Eyeshadow at Ramfa Beauty, where your eyes become a canvas for stunning creativity. Immerse yourself in a world of captivating colors and velvety textures with the exquisite Anastasia Eye Shadow collection. Elevate your eye game with an array of pigmented shades that blend seamlessly for endless looks. Whether you're into sultry smokes or vibrant pops of color, the versatility of Anastasia Eyeshadow Palettes caters to every mood and occasion. Unleash your inner artist and adorn your eyes with the rich, high-quality pigments that make Anastasia a go-to for eye-catching brilliance.

What makes Anastasia Eyeshadow palettes stand out from other brands?

Anastasia Eyeshadow palettes are renowned for their high pigmentation, blendability, and long-lasting wear. They feature a diverse range of shades and finishes, allowing for versatile looks from natural to dramatic. Additionally, the brand often collaborates with influencers and artists, creating unique and trendy collections that appeal to a wide audience.

Are Anastasia Eyeshadow palettes suitable for beginners?

Yes, Anastasia Eyeshadow palettes are suitable for beginners due to their user-friendly formulation. The shadows are easy to blend and build up, making it simple for novices to create professional-looking eye makeup. Many palettes also come with a mix of neutral and bold shades, offering a variety of options for experimenting and learning.

What are some of the most popular Anastasia Eyeshadow palettes?

Some of the most popular Anastasia Eyeshadow palettes include the Modern Renaissance, Soft Glam, and Norvina palettes. Modern Renaissance is beloved for its warm-toned neutrals and berry shades, while Soft Glam offers a collection of classic, everyday colors. The Norvina palette is known for its vibrant and artistic hues, perfect for more creative looks.

How do Anastasia Eyeshadow palettes compare in terms of price and quality?

Anastasia Eyeshadow palettes are priced in the mid-to-high range, reflecting their high quality and performance. While they may be more expensive than some drugstore brands, the superior pigmentation, blendability, and longevity justify the investment. Many users find that a little product goes a long way, making these palettes cost-effective in the long run.

Do Anastasia Eyeshadow palettes cater to different skin tones?

Yes, Anastasia Eyeshadow palettes cater to a wide range of skin tones, offering shades that complement both light and dark complexions. The brand is mindful of inclusivity, ensuring that their palettes include a variety of colors and finishes that work well on diverse skin tones. This makes their products versatile and appealing to a broad audience.

Are Anastasia Eyeshadows cruelty-free and vegan?

Anastasia Beverly Hills is committed to being a cruelty-free brand, meaning they do not test their products on animals. Many of their eyeshadows are also vegan, but it’s always best to check the specific product details, as formulations can vary. This commitment aligns with the growing demand for ethical and sustainable beauty products.

How can I make my Anastasia Eyeshadow last longer?

To make your Anastasia Eyeshadow last longer, start with a good eyeshadow primer to create a smooth, even base and enhance the color payoff. Setting your eyeshadow with a setting spray can also help lock in the pigments and prevent creasing or fading throughout the day. Additionally, using high-quality brushes and blending well can ensure a more durable and flawless finish.

What are some tips for creating a smoky eye with Anastasia Eyeshadows?

Creating a smoky eye with Anastasia Eyeshadows involves layering and blending. Start with a neutral base shade all over the lid, then gradually build up darker shades in the crease and outer corner. Blend well to avoid harsh lines, and add a shimmery or metallic shade to the center of the lid for added dimension. Finish with eyeliner and mascara for a complete smoky look.

How often does Anastasia Beverly Hills release new eyeshadow palettes?

Anastasia Beverly Hills regularly releases new eyeshadow palettes, often introducing several new collections each year. They keep up with current trends and seasons, ensuring their product line remains fresh and exciting. Collaborations and limited-edition releases also contribute to the brand’s dynamic and ever-evolving range of eyeshadows.

Can Anastasia Eyeshadows be used wet or dry?

Yes, Anastasia Eyeshadows can be used both wet and dry, depending on the desired intensity and effect. Using the shadows dry is great for softer, more natural looks, while applying them wet can intensify the color and create a more dramatic, metallic finish. This versatility allows users to experiment and customize their eye makeup.



  1. Anastasia Alyssa Edwards Eyeshadow Palette: A vibrant palette featuring 14 bold shades, designed in collaboration with drag queen Alyssa Edwards. Perfect for creating colorful, high-energy looks.

  2. Anastasia Amrezy Eye Shadow Palette: A glamorous palette with 16 sultry shades curated by beauty influencer Amrezy, offering a mix of mattes and metallics for versatile, standout eye looks.

  3. Anastasia Anastasia Beverly Hills Eye Shadow Palette: A classic collection of 14 essential shades, combining neutral mattes and shimmering metallics for timeless, everyday eye makeup.

  4. Anastasia Carli Bybel Palette: A dreamy palette with 14 romantic shades, created in collaboration with beauty influencer Carli Bybel, featuring a mix of soft pastels and rich neutrals.

  5. Anastasia Jackie Aina Palette: A diverse palette with 14 vibrant shades, developed with beauty influencer Jackie Aina, designed to complement deeper skin tones with bold, pigmented colors.

  6. Anastasia Loose Glitter: High-quality, finely milled loose glitter available in a variety of dazzling shades, perfect for adding sparkle to any eye makeup or creative look.

  7. Anastasia Modern Renaissance EyeShadow Palette: A cult-favorite palette with 14 warm, Renaissance-inspired shades, featuring rich neutrals and berry tones for effortlessly chic eye looks.

  8. Anastasia Norvina Mini Pro Pigment VOL 1: A compact palette with 9 high-impact pigments, curated by Norvina, offering a mix of bold and bright shades for artistic and creative eye makeup.

  9. Anastasia Norvina Pigment Vol 1: A professional-grade palette featuring 25 vibrant pigments, designed by Norvina, ideal for creating striking, colorful looks with a broad spectrum of shades.

  10. Anastasia Norvina Pigment Vol 2: A bold palette with 25 high-intensity pigments, also curated by Norvina, offering a range of vivid, aquatic-inspired shades for dramatic, eye-catching looks.

  11. Anastasia Riviera Eyeshadow Palette: A summery palette with 14 coastal-inspired shades, combining bright pops of color and everyday neutrals for fresh, seaside looks.

  12. Anastasia Soft Glam Eye Shadow Palette: A luxurious palette with 14 romantic shades, featuring warm neutrals and soft shimmers, perfect for creating elegant, natural glam looks.

  13. Anastasia Subculture Palette: A unique palette with 14 edgy, subversive shades, offering a mix of earthy tones and bold pops of color for unconventional, artistic eye makeup.


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